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Pour trouver comment utiliser une commande particulière, taper son nom dans une console Shell et ajouter '?' (sans les quotes) et appuyer sur entrer.

Une explication des arguments de la console Shell de MorphOS est disponible ici.

Les noms écris en "italique" sont les commandes internes qui ne peuvent pas être trouvés sous forme de fichiers séparés à partir de votre système de fichiers, mais vous pouvez les but you can list them with the Resident command.

En installant Kit MorphOS Software Development, vous obtiendrez également des centaines de commandes venant du monde Unix qui ne sont pas listés ici. D'autres commandes (natives et anciennes) peuvent être installés en les copiant dans le répertoire SYS:C/.

AddAudioModes Builds and removes audio modes that AHI can understand
AddBuffers Adds or displays cache buffers allocated for a drive
AddDataTypes Activates datatypes or adds another datatype
AddUSBClasses Add or remove Classes from the USB stack
AddUSBHardware Manually add or remove USB hardware to/from MorphOS
Alias Sets or displays command aliases
ARP Displays and manipulates the Address Resolution Protocol cache
Ask Displays a question at the execution of a script
AskHost Displays the hostent information of a host
Assign Lists, creates, modifies or removes an assign from MorphOS
Avail Displays the amount of free memory available
Battery Displays laptop's battery information
Beep Flashes the current front-most screen
BindDrivers Activates device drivers in expansion drawer (outdated)
Break Allows to send a signal (for eg. CTRL+C) to a process
Bz2 Compresses or decompresses files
CD Changes or displays current directory
ChangeTaskPri Changes the priority of the given process
ClearRAMDebugLog Clears the RAM debug log
CLI Starts a new interactive CLI on the system
Clip Manages clipboard contents
Clone Reads the standard input or a file and writes it to both standard output and a specified file
Cls Clears the console window
ConClip Activates or De-activates the Clipboard
ConvertText Converts a text file to a different character encoding
Copy Copies a source file or directory to another directory
CPU Displays information about the CPU of the computer
Date Displays or sets the date and time of the system
Debug Sets debug options
Delete Deletes one or more files/directories
DevList Displays a list of all devices present in memory
Dir Lists file and directory names (w/o attributes)
DiskCache Reworked DynamiCache disk caching engine to improve I/O performance
DiskChange Informs MorphOS of a diskchange
DiskFree Displays available space of specified volume
DOSList Displays a detailed list of devices, volumes, and assigns
DRadioTool Controls an USB Radio manufactured by D-Link or GemTek
Echo Displays the specified message
Ed A simple text editor
Eject Simple command to eject CD media
Else Specifies an alternative for an IF statement in a script file.
EndCLI Closes CLI/Shell Window or Tab
EndIf Terminates an IF block in a script file
EndShell Closes CLI/Shell Window or Tab
EndSkip Stops a SKIP branch
Eval Evaluates a mathematical expression
Exe2Arc Extracts the archive data from self extracting archive files
Execute Executes a batch file
Failat Changes failure limit for scripts (0=Ok, 5=Warn, 10=Error)
Fault Translates numeric error codes to ASCII text
FileNote Set a comment for a file
FileWrite Writes data to a file
FlushLib Removes unused libraries from memory
Format Formats a disk
Freeze Suspends tasks
FSDie Kills a filesystem from a drive
FSList Displays a list of all FileSystem present in memory
FSPrefs Sets preferences for specified device
FSTest Benchmarks some basic FileSystem operations
Get Displays the contents of a local environment variable
Getenv Displays the contents of a global environment variable
GetRAMDebugLog Writes the RAM debug log to a file
HDMBRClear Clears a master boot record from a drive
HDRead Reads sector(s) from device/unit and dumps them to shell
HDTest Benchmark FileSystem operations using direct device access
HDWrite Writes sectors to a drive
HFSSetMacBoot Sets HFS specific attributes so MAC can autoboot
HI Send all active ARexx programs an external halt request
IconX Executes a batch file from the desktop (Ambient)
ID Prints UID and GID of a user
IDEStandby Spins down the motor of IDE HDs
If Adds intelligent branching to scripts
IfConfig Configures network interfaces and shows interface configurations
iKill Kills the specified program and tries to free its resources
Info Displays information about mounted filesystems
Install Writes a boot block or inspects a boot block on a floppy disk or a PCMCIA card, or a compatible device
Installer Installs software by interpreting their installation scripts
IPrefs Initialises preferences files on startup
Join Joins several files into one bigger file
Lab Defines a label in a batch file
LhA Compresses or uncompresses files/dirs
LibList Displays information about libraries present in memory
List Lists the contents of the specified directory
LoadMonDrvs Loads monitor (ie: graphic) drivers
LoadWB Loads the desktop manager (Ambient)
Lock Write-protects a drive
Login Logs in as a different user
LuaX Interprets a Lua script
LZMADec Uncompresses files in the LZMA format
LZMAInfo Shows information stored in the .lzma file header
MakeDir Creates a Directory
MakeLink Creates a hard or soft link
MemTest Runs a memory test
ModList Displays a list of resident modules
Mount Makes a new device known to MorphOS
NetConfig Configures network interfaces
NewCLI Starts a new interactive CLI/SHELL on the system
Newer Compares if a file is newer than an another file in shell scripts
NewShell Starts a new interactive CLI/SHELL on the system
Offline Brings a network interface offline.
Online Brings a network interface online.
Open Opens files and locations
OpenURL Opens the openurl.library to pass a URL to the appropriate application depending on the URL's protocol and the specified OpenURL prefs settings
Passwd Changes a user's password
Path Sets or displays the search path for executables
PathPart Extracts directory or file name from a path, or assembles a path
PCIScan This command outputs extensive information about the PCI bus
PCIWrite Tool to communicate with PCI devices
PenCamTool Read out images from an USB webcam using the STV680 chip
PFSDiskValid Analyses or fixes a PFS3 volume
PFSFormat Formats a PFS3 partition
PFSList Lists directory contents with PFS3 specific information
PFSMakeRollover Creates rollover files
PFSSetDeldir Sets or displays the size of the .deldir directory
PFSSetFileNameSize Sets or retrieves the maximum length of filenames
PFSSetRollover Manipulates rollover files
Ping Ping is a utility to measure round-trip-times and check reachability of a host over a IP-network
Play Plays audio files supported by the Reggae multimedia framework
PortList Displays a list of ports of running programs
PowManTool Very simple shell tool to control GemBird SIS-PM Silvershield PowerManager sockets/outlets
Prompt Changes the prompt for the current CLI/Shell
Protect Changes the protection bits of a file
PsdStackloaderToMOSPrefs Obsoleted USB stack related command
Quit Exits a batch file with specified return code
Reboot Resets the computer
Relabel Changes the name of a disk
RemRAD Removes recoverable RAM-Drive from the system
Rename Renames files and directories
RequestChoice Asks for input via a requester
RequestFile Asks for a filename via a file requester
Resident Adds or Removes a command in memory
ResList Displays a list of all resources in memory
RexxMast Starts the ARexx Server
RocketTool Controls a USB Rocket or Missile Launcher
Route Shows or manipulates the IP routing table
Run Spawns a background shell or process
RX Interprets the specified ARexx script
RXC Closes the resident process
RXCmd Executes single ARexx commands on a given ARexx port directly
RXLIB Preadds an arexx library/host to the global list for scripts
RXSET Adds a (name,value) pair to the Clip List
Search Searches a file or pattern for a string
SegTracker Tracking utility for disk loaded files (inc. libs and devs)
Set Creates or modifies specified local environment variable
SetClock Changes system and/or internal clock time
SetClockNTP Syncs the realtime clock from the internet using Network Time Protocol
SetDate Changes the last modification date of a file
Setenv Creates or modifies specified global environment variable
SetKeyboard Sets keyboard layout
SetMixer Sets audio input and output mixing
ShowCGXConfig Shows information about installed graphics cards and driver versions
ShowConfig Shows system configuration information about software versions, hardware, and registered user
ShowInterface Shows network interface information
ShutDown Shuts down the computer
Skip Skips to the appropriate label
SmbFS Mounts a samba share
SonixCamTool Read out images from an USB webcam using the Sonix Technologies chipset with OV7630 sensors.
Sort Sorts a file
Stack Sets or displays the current stack size
Stat Displays some system stats since boot
Status Displays a list of currently running CLI processes
TaskList Displays a detailed list of all running tasks
TCC Closes the global tracing console
TCO Opens the global tracing console
tcpdump Dumps traffic on a network.
TE Clears the global tracing flag
Time Measures the time it takes to execute a command
Touch Creates a file
TraceRoute Traceroute is a computer network diagnostic tool for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network
Trance Activates JIT 68k emulation
TS Starts interactive tracing by setting the external trace flag
Type Displays the contents of a file to the screen
Unalias Removes the named alias from the alias list
UnMount Try to unmount specified device
UnRAR Uncompresses RAR archives
Unset Removes a local variable
Unsetenv Removes a global variable
Uptime Shows uptime of MorphOS
USBDevLister Lists all found USB devices
USBErrorLog Shows all USB-Related messages since the start of the stack
Version Reports the version number of the specified file
Wait Waits for an amount of time
WaitForLib Waits 10 seconds for library to appear
WaitForPort Waits 10 secs for port to appear
WaitX Waits for an amount of time and then executes the given command line
WakeOnLAN Sends a Wake-on-LAN message
WBRun Starts the specified command as if it was started from Ambient
Which Searches the command path for a particular item
WhoAmI Displays the username of the current user
Why Displays return code of last executed command
XAD2LhA Extracts data from other archives and stores it in an LhA archive
XADLibInfo Displays the name, flags, ID, required xadmaster version, version and revision of all clients in xadmaster.library
XADList Examines files and prints the names of the archivers
XADUnDisk The master shell tool to extract data from disk archives
XADUnFile The master shell tool to extract data from file archives
XADUnTar A shell tool to extract data from Tar archives and compressed Tar archives
XZ Compresses or uncompresses files
XZDec Uncompresses XZ archives