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SonixCamTool - Read out images from an USB webcam using the Sonix Technologies chipset with OV7630 sensors.


TO/A         - mandatory filename to save the picture to.  This  filename
               may  also  contain  a  format string such as "%ld" (do not
               forget the 'l')  to  generate  a  number  when  using  the
               INTERVAL option.

INTERVAL/N   - if this numeric parameter is given, SonixcamTool will loop
               and  take  pictures  at  the  given interval (in ticks, 50
               ticks  is  one  second).   Use   Ctrl-C   to   abort   the

UPTO/N/K     - if specified, multiple pictures can be grabbed in one  go,
               stopping after the UPTO pictures. Be sure to give a format
               string such as "%ld" inside the filename or you will write
               all  pictures to the same image. Only useful together with

GAMMA/K      - enable white balance and gamma correction with  the  given
               floating point gamma value. 0.45 is a good setting. If you
               only want white balance and no  gamma  correction,  use  a
               value of 1.0.

SHARPEN/S    - apply a highly optimized 5x5 sharpen filter on the image.

TEXT/K       - optionally adds the given line of text to  the  bottom  of
               the  picture.  If  the line is too long to fit, it will be

FONT/K       - name of the font to use (e.g. xen.font). If this parameter
               is missing, the default system font will be used.

FONTSIZE/N/K - size of the font in pixels

UNIT/N/K     - if several cameras are connected, specify the unit to use.
               Defaults to unit 0.


  SonixcamTool Snap.ppm
  SonixcamTool Snap.ppm GAMMA 0.45 SHARPEN
  SonixcamTool Movie%04ld.ppm INTERVAL 0 GAMMA 0.5
  SonixcamTool Webcam.ppm GAMMA 0.45 SHARPEN TEXT "Platon's Cam"
               FONT small.font FONTSIZE 6
  SonixcamTool Shotseries%03ld.ppm INTERVAL 0 UPTO 79 GAMMA 0.45 SHARPEN