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PFSFormat - Formats a PFS3 partition


DEVICE       - Name of device to format
NAME         - Label of the new volume
NOICONS      - By default the trashcan directory and the and
      icons are created. This flag prevents this
               from happening.
QUICK        - Quick formatting. The disk is directly reinitialised, without
               wiping or checking it first.
DELDIRBLOCKS - The number of deldirblocks to create. This can be anything
               between 0 and 32. One deldirblock contains 31 deldirentries.
               So, if 31 is specified, the deldir will have a capacity of
               31*32 = 992 files. The deldir can be completely disabled by
               specifying 0 deldirblocks. The default is 2. The number of
               deldirblocks can also be changed on an already formatted volume
               by using the SetDeldir command.
FILENAMESIZE - The maximum length of filenames. The maximum is 107.
               Warning: After formatting the filenamelength can only be
               increased, not reduced. Default is 31.
VERIFY       - Enables verify on full format. Does not work in combination
               with the QUICK option.