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Prompt - Changes the prompt for the current CLI/Shell


PROMPT - New prompt string

The default prompt string is: "%N.%S>" which displays the Shell number, a period, the current directory, a right angle-bracket, and a space. Entering Prompt without a string argument resets the prompt to this default.

The substitutions available for the <PROMPT> string are:

%N - Displays the process number for the Shell
%S - Displays the current directory
%R - Displays the return code for the last operation

NOTE: a space is not automatically added to the end of the string. If you want a space between the prompt and typed-in text, place it in the string, and enclose the string in double quotation marks.

NOTE2: You can embed commands in the prompt string by enclosing the command in back apostrophes (`).


  1> PROMPT "%N.%S.%R>"
  • the Shell number,
  • current directory,
  • return code of the previous command