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DRadioTool - Controls an USB Radio manufactured by D-Link or GemTek


ON     - turns the radio ON                                                 
OFF    - turns the radio OFF again
FREQ   - sets the current frequency to the given value. It must be
         given in kHz and range between 87 MHz and 108 MHz.
SCAN   - starts a frequency scan. It starts at 87 MHz, if no FREQ value
         had been given and stops at 107 MHz. If a radio channel is
         detected it will output its frequency in KHz on the shell.
         The last found channel will be kept. The scan can be aborted
         at any time using Ctrl-C.
AUTO   - only useful in conjunction with the SCAN switch. If a station
         is found, the program will pause for three seconds, asking the
         user to press Ctrl-C to keep the radio station found.
SIGNAL - sets the shell return value to WARN (5), if no radio station
         is detected on the current frequency. If there's a stereo
         signal, it will return OK (0). This switch can be used to
         implement a manual scan routine.
UNIT   - if multiple radios are connected, you can choose the right
         unit with this argument. Defaults to unit 0 of course.

Examples:  DRadioTool ON SCAN AUTO
           DRadioTool FREQ 104000