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PenCamTool - Read out images from an USB webcam using the STV680 chip


TO       - Mandatory filename to save the picture to                           
PICNUM   - Number of the picture to load from the camera's RAM,
           starting with 0 for the first picture. If no picture
           exists with this number, you will get garbage
INTERVAL - If this numeric parameter is given, PencamTool will loop
           and take pictures at the given interval (in ticks, 50
           ticks is one second). Interval is only sensible, if you
           don't give PICNUM argument
UPTO     - If specified, multiple pictures can be grabbed in one go,
           starting at the PICNUM number and stopping at the UPTO
           number. Be sure to give a format string such as "%ld"
           inside the filename or you will write all pictures to
           the same image. If no PICNUM is given, but INTERVAL
           instead, UPTO describes the image number to stop the
           regular picture taking
NOBEEP   - Disable BEEP on downloading an image
GAMMA    - Enable white balance and gamma correction with the give
           floating point gamma value. 0.45 is a good setting
           If you only want white balance and no gamma correction,
           use a value of 1.0
SHARPEN  - Apply a highly optimized 5x5 sharpen filter on the image
TEXT     - Optionally adds the given line of text to the bottom of
           the picture. If the line is too long to fit, it will be
FONT     - Name of the font to use (e.g. xen.font). If this parameter
           is missing, the default system font will be used
FONTSIZE - Size of the font in pixels
UNIT     - If several cameras are connected, specify the unit to use.
           Defaults to unit 0.

  PencamTool Snap.ppm
  PencamTool Snap.ppm 0 GAMMA 0.45 SHARPEN
  PencamTool Movie%04ld.ppm INTERVAL 0 GAMMA 0.5
  PencamTool Webcam.ppm GAMMA 0.45 SHARPEN TEXT "Platon's Cam"
             FONT small.font FONTSIZE 6 NOBEEP
  PencamTool Shotseries%03ld.ppm 0 UPTO 79 GAMMA 0.45 SHARPEN