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From the original xadmaster.library manual:

XADList - examines files and prints the names of the archivers.


FILE      - Specifies the file/drawer that should be examined.
            Wildcards of any kind are supported. You can specify
            multiple filenames or directories. If FILE is not
            specified, the current directory will be examined.

            If you specify a directory, the directory is entered
            and the contents is shown also without ALL option. If
            you use wildcards in the name the directory is listed
            normally, but you may add /#? to show its contents.

ALL       - xadList only examines one directory level by default. With ALL,
            it goes as deep as possible.

NOEXTERN  - prohibits the use of external clients for
            recognition purposes.

ONLYKNOWN - Shows only the known archives.


	Shell> xadList HD0:C/#? HD0:Libs/
		Examines the contents of HD0:C and HD0:Libs.

	Shell> xadList DF0:#?/#?.#? ALL
		Examines any drawer deeper than level one
		on DF0: for filenames ending with an extension