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RemRAD - Removes recoverable RAM-Drive from the system


DEVICE - Name of the recoverable device to be removed                          
FORCE  - Forces the device to be removed, even if it's in use

RemRad allows you to remove the recoverable RAM disk (usually mounted as RAD:) from memory without powering off the system. If you have mounted more than one recoverable RAM disk, use the DEVICE specification.

RemRad instructs RAD: to delete all of its files and become inactive. However, the RAD: RAM_0 disk icon does not disappear. The next time MorphOS is rebooted, RAD: is removed from memory completely and the icon is no longer displayed.

If the device is in use when the REMRAD command is given, the operation aborts with a device in use message. To remove it if it is in use, you must use the FORCE option.