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Version - Reports the version number of the specified file


NAME     - Name of the library, device, command, or other file to return version info               
MD5SUM   - Calculates MD5 hash of the file
VERSION  - Optional: Version number to look for
REVISION - Optional: Revision number to look for
FILE     - Forces Version to ignore libraries or device drivers
           currently loaded. This allows you to get the version number
           of a .library or .device file on disk when a library or device
           of that name is already in memory or available in LIBS:
FULL     - prints out the complete version string, including the date
RES      - Specify this to get the version of Resident commands

Version finds the version and revision number of a library, device, command. It can also test for a specific version/revision and set the condition flags if the version/revision is greater.

Version with no NAME argument prints the Kickstart version number and the Workbench version number and sets the two corresponding environment variables. If a name is specified, Version attempts to open the library, device, drive, or file and read the version information. Specify a device name, such as DH0:, to get the version of the file system used by a drive.


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