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PFSList - Lists directory contents with PFS3 specific information

Non-standard template.

Usage: [-<option>(<arguments..>)]... [path]...
Standard options:
  -a    List all entries
  -c    Case significant sort on (-c, -c1) or off (-c0)
  -d    List directories entries instead of contents
  -f    Sort by filename. Short for -s(f)
  -F    Show filenotes
  -h    Shows this help message
  -l    Long listing
  -m    Show multiuser protection bits on (-m1) or off (-m0)
  -M    Show multiuser information (gid and uid)
  -o    Short listing with one per line
  -p    Plain output (no use of colors etc)
  -P    Paginate output
  -r    Reverse sorting
  -R    Recursive listing
  -S    Sort by filesize. Short for -s(sf)
  -t    Sort by datestamp. Short for -s(tf)
  -T    Show (-T, -T1) or don't show totals
  -X    Sort by extension. Short for -s(xf)
Extended options:
  -c()  Which files to list
        h = hidden, d = dirs, f = files
  -m()  Entry seperation
        m = mixed, f = files first, d = dirs first
  -s()  Directory sorting. Upto 3 sortlevels can be specified
        n = none, f = filename, s = size, x = extension
        t = datestamp, d = date (ignoring time)
  -w()  Screen width, in characters
Long options:
  --since()     Only list files created on or after date/time,
                specified as datestring
  --upto()      Only list files created before date/time,
                specified as datestring
  --batch()     Pass file to command instead of listing it
Default options: -fTc(df)m(d)