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Listed below are the tools included in the SYS:Tools drawer.

Each tool has its own page giving an overview of its purpose and basic usage. Click a program name for more information.

MediaLogger.png Debug
Log Server and MediaLogger programs for debugging.
Defrag.png Defrag
A defragmentation tool for SFS formatted disk partitions. 
FileImageCtrl.png FileImageCtrl
A virtual drive manager for mounting of up to 15 disk images.  
Format.png Format
A tool for formatting partitions.
FTManager.png FTManager
A tool for installing freetype fonts.
HDConfig.png HDConfig
A harddisk preparation tool.
Installer.png Installer
An application installation tool.
Mounter.png Mounter
A tool for mounting and unmounting disk partitions.
Shell MUICON.png MUI Shell
Starts a new MUICON shell.
MorphOS3 jPV Netstat2.png NetStat
A comprehensive network information and statistics monitoring tool. 
PFSDoctor.png PFSDoctor
A diagnostic and repair tool for PFS formatted partitions.
RegTool.png RegTool
The MorphOS online registration tool.
ScoutNG.png Scout
System and MUI monitoring and hacking tool. 
SFSDoctor.png SFSDoctor
A diagnostic and repair tool for SFS formatted partitions. 
Shell SYSCON.png Shell
Starts a new SYSCON shell.
Snoopium.png Snoopium
System, application and DOS monitoring tool.
UnitControl.png UnitControl
A storage device management tool.
MorphOS 3.16 WebFontInstaller.png WebFontInstaller
A web font downloader and installer.

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