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A virtual drive manager for persistent and/or temporary mounting of up to 15 disk images.  

Supports many image formats and disk layouts, including Amiga (OFS, FFS), MorphOS (SFS, PFS, IceFS), Apple (HFS, HFS+), SGI (XFS), Linux (ext 2/3/4) and Microsoft (FAT, NTFS) as well as optical disk (ISO) images. 


  • Drag & drop an image file to the FileImageCtrl window, or select a unit and click the Insert button to select an image file.
  • Select a filesystem which matches to the image file's filesystem. The Auto option will work with hard disk images usually, but for floppy disk and CD images it should be selected more carefully.
  • Click the Mount button to mount the image file as an accessible device on your system.

FileImageCtrl can also be launched from the shell with the template: ACTION,UNIT/N,MOUNT/S,FILE


Ram Disk:> SYS:Tools/FileImageCtrl insert 1 mount Work:Workbench.adf