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Tool for formatting partitions created on hard disk, USB storage, etc.


  • Select the device to be formatted from the list on the left.
  • Enter the label, which will be the volume name of the partition.
  • Check the filesystem dependant options. Check the note below.
  • Click the "Quick Format..." button. In practise all modern devices should be formatted only with that option.


  • Also accessible though Ambient RMB > Utilities > Format. 
  • About the Recycled option with SFS:
    • SFS is the default filesystem on MorphOS. It can have a special directory which contains recently deleted files. The directory is named as .recycled and it resides at the root level of every SFS partition (SYS:.recycled for example). Depending the format options it may be disabled, hidden but accessible, or visible.
    • If it's hidden, you can't see it even with "View All Files" option, but you can access it from the shell or Ambient (for example by pressing / key and then writing it to the path string after the volume name).
    • You shouldn't modify any files in it, but you can recover deleted files by copying them to some other path.
    • The directory is purged automatically when needed.



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