What's New in MorphOS 3.10

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MorphOS 3.10 is one of the biggest updates for MorphOS since the release of version 2.0. The official release notes list is long and detailed, but let's look at some of the main features and changes in a more visual way here.

Yet again the update is free of charge for registered MorphOS 2.x and 3.x users, and the registration price has been dropped even more since the previous release.

If you're new to MorphOS, please read the other articles at the MorphOS Library too.

MorphOS 3.10 First Flight.png

Kernel and Hardware Support

  • Support for AmigaOne X5000 computers
  • 2D support for MANY new graphics cards from R600 to Northern Islands series
  • Abox's memory mapping allows 192 MB more memory
  • Disables the second CPU on PowerMac7 machines
  • Isochronous transfers support with USB
  • New PPD based printing system
    MorphOS 3.10 Printers.png
  • Support for Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controllers
  • Drivers for new audio cards, USB serial devices, network cards, scanners, etc.
  • USB MIDI support
  • System time is now stored in UTC to be more compatible with other operating systems on the same machine
  • Automatic DST adjustment
  • Touchpads can be disabled


  • Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) icons. SVG files can be used like normal icons by renaming them as .info files, and they can be scaled without quality loss.
    MorphOS 3.10 SVG Icons.gif
  • Icon files can be created without embedded graphics, and they will use graphics from system default icons. This saves disk space and makes theming easier.
  • Create icon and Get default options for easier icon creation
    MorphOS 3.10 Create Icon.png
  • Filesystem based virtual trashcan implementation
  • Faster file copying routines
  • Inline editing of date, time, comment, and protection attributes (can be activated with the middle mouse button or command-enter key combination)
    MorphOS 3.10 Inline Editing.gif

Screenbar Modules

  • New consistent monochromatic look for all modules to work better with all kinds of skins
  • New Key input, Grabber, and Preferences modules
    MorphOS 3.10 Screenbar Keyinput.png
    MorphOS 3.10 Screenbar Grabber.png MorphOS 3.10 Screenbar Preferences.png
  • Calendar for the Clock module
    MorphOS 3.10 Screenbar Calendar.png
  • Many modules have been rewritten or redesigned, and have new themes
    MorphOS 3.10 Screenbar Settings.png

Skins and MUI Presets

There are four new skins with accompanying MUI presets. To take these into use, change the skin from Settings -> System -> Screens -> Ambient and the MUI preset from Settings -> MUI -> Settings -> Presets.

MorphOS 3.10 MUI Presets.png

  • Albulus
    MorphOS 3.10 Theme Albulus.png
  • Ater
    MorphOS 3.10 Theme Ater.png
  • Niteo
    MorphOS 3.10 Theme Niteo.png
  • Origo
    MorphOS 3.10 Theme Origo.png

Besides the whole themes, several new MUI button sets are available for custom configurations.


  • Game of Life
    MorphOS 3.10 Blanker Game of Life.png
  • Icon Wall
    MorphOS 3.10 Blanker Icon Wall.png

Applications and Utilities

  • Clock with multiple fancy looking skins
    MorphOS 3.10 Clock.gif
  • Flow Studio is a full-featured IDE based on the feature-rich Scribble text editor, which was previously shipped with MorphOS
    MorphOS 3.10 Flow Studio.gif
  • LogTool for viewing and analyzing MorphOS debug logs in real-time
  • Updated Odyssey Web Browser
    MorphOS 3.10 OWB.png
  • AudioRecorder
    MorphOS 3.10 Audio Recorder.png
  • CSVViewer for viewing CSV files
  • KeyExplorer replaces the old Keystroke utility
    MorphOS 3.10 Key Explorer.png
  • MIDI Piano
    MorphOS 3.10 MIDI Piano.png


  • Pixel Cross
    MorphOS 3.10 Game PixelCross 1.png MorphOS 3.10 Game PixelCross 2.png

Shell Commands


  • Extensive Objective-C support
  • Many new MUI libraries and Reggae classes
  • HarfBuzz library for text shaping
  • sqlite.library
  • vgraphics.library for vector graphics
  • xattr support for ixemul.library, which enables, for instance, storing Amiga's protection bits and file comments in tar archives