Reggae: MorphOS multimedia framework

From MorphOS Library

Grzegorz Kraszewski


Reggae is the name for modular MorphOS subsystem for handling media files (currently pictures and sounds, video and other contents will come in the future). Reggae is implemented as a large set of MorphOS shared libraries stored in MOSSYS:Classes/Multimedia/ directory. Third party Reggae classes may be copied to SYS:Classes/Multimedia/. Using Reggae an application developer can easily perform following tasks related to media processing:

  • Recognizing media type and format.
  • Streaming media via different transports.
  • Demultiplexing compound media streams.
  • Decoding media to plain, uncompressed format.
  • Processing by applying filters.
  • Presenting media to the user.
  • Encoding and multiplexing.

Reggae is an object oriented framework. Every media processing task creates a pipe (or tree) of Reggae objects connected to each other. Media data travel along this structure in relatively small chunks. This pipelined processing allows for handling very big data, much bigger than available system memory.


This section contains general Reggae information, its design principles, usage patterns and rules.


This section contains Reggae programming tutorials with example code.