Modifying the User-Startup file

From MorphOS Library

Author: Dave Crawford

When considering how to utilize your MorphOS based system, you may determine that a little customization may go a long way. In doing so, an example speaks volumes greater than any step by step tutorial.

An S:User-Startup Example

;user-startup example from

;Like a SHELL SCRIPT the user startup uses the SEMICOLON as a comment
;Thus the entire line is skipped during startup

;User Assigns
;These can be useful for keeping up with downloads, certain filetypes, etc
;note that multiple assigns can go to the same directory
;quotes are used here since directories may have spaces in the name
assign DCC: "work:downloads"
assign downloads: "work:downloads"
assign sounds: "sys:sounds"
assign movies: "work:mplayer/video"
assign projects: "work:my projects"

;When installer adds something to the user-startup, it appears as below
Assign >NIL: LIBS: SYS:Classes ADD

;Want a better ram icon?
copy > NIL: SYS:S/ TO
; when using "> NIL:" the output is redirected (>) to oblivion (NIL:)
;that is to say, no shell window will open during the startup

;The following is another installer based addition that shows an example
;of how to use the "ADD" switch to an existing assign and how to use "Path"
;BEGIN Blacks Editor
Assign BED: Work:BED
Assign REXX: Work:BED/Rexx ADD
;END Blacks Editor

;The following is a partial entry from an old install of MUI
;this shows how to use an if statement in the user-startup
if exists MUI:Libs
assign add LIBS: MUI:Libs

;NOTE Be careful when creating your own S:user-startup