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Fulvio "DoctorMorbius_FP" Peruggi wrote most of the original English text.

Andrea "Guruman" Maniero provided many contents for the "Developer tools" section and wrote the sections "Games" and "Examples of MorphOS software".

Martin "Senex" Heine, David Brunet and Andrea "Guruman" Maniero applied updates to this article to reflect the changes following the release of MorphOS 2.x.

Frank Mariak carefully read the text and supervised technical subjects.

Grzegorz "Krashan" Kraszewski did proof-read version 2.4 of the text.

Ed Vishoot carefully read the text and made important suggestions for its improvement.

Martin "Senex" Heine made an uncountable number of suggestions and criticisms, and reiterated them until the text was dramatically improved.

Stefan Blixth provided the following pictures: MorphOS0.jpg and Blender.jpg as well as MorphOS1.jpg and MorphOS2.jpg of previous versions.

Gunne Steen provided the following pictures: UAE_Workbench.png, ShowGirls.jpg and MPlayer.jpg as well as MainPrefs.png, AmbientSettings.png, AboutMUI.png and MUIPrefs.png of previous versions.

Fulvio "DoctorMorbius_FP" Peruggi provided the following pictures: Shell.png, MAME_MorphOS004.jpg, CubicIDE.png as well as VGP2_001.png and VGP2_007.png of previous versions.

Andrea "Guruman" Maniero provided the following pictures: VGP2HD_000.jpg, WipeOut2097_001.jpg, quake3_003.jpg, freespace2.jpg, HomeWorld_000.jpg, robinh_000.jpg, scummvm_000.jpg, FPSE_001.jpg, ANR_morphos2x.jpg, showgirls_mos2x.jpg, PTPDigCam_mos2x.jpg, chromium_004.jpg as well as fpse_000.jpg, ANR_003.jpg, showgirls_001.jpg, PTPDigCam_001.jpg of previous versions.

Christian "tokai" Rosentreter provided the UAE_SuperFrog.png picture.

David Brunet provided the following pictures: morphos_base_1.jpg, morphos_base_2.jpg, morphos_installation_1.jpg, morphos_mui_1.jpg, morphos_mui_2.jpg, morphos_ambient_1.jpg, morphos_ambient_2.jpg, morphos_prefs_1.jpg, morphos_poseidon_1.jpg, morphos_turboprint_1.jpg.

Martin "Senex" Heine provided the pictures MorphOS1n.jpg and OWB.jpg.

Paolo Russo provided the picture morphos_personalized_1.jpg.

Andrea "Guruman" Maniero and Fulvio "DoctorMorbius_FP" Peruggi: Italian translation.

Martin "Senex" Heine and Oliver "Bladerunner" Hummel: German translation.

Andrei "mobydick" Shestakov and "AmiF1team": Russian translation.

Jean-François "Jeffrey" Richard: French translation.

Héctor "Amiades" Juan López: Spanish translation.