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Wayfarer is the latest web browser for MorphOS, based on a recent branch of WebKit. It replaced Odyssey Web Browser as the bundled browser in the MorphOS distribution.


  • Based on a recent WebKitGTK tree, supports most modern websites
  • Encryption of passwords via cryptostorage.library
  • Support for custom / self-signed server certificates
  • Audio playback including HLS
  • Video playback including MediaSource support
  • Download and Bookmarks managers
  • Built-in AdBlock Plus files support
  • Written in ObjectiveC and C++
  • Website content translation
  • Multiple tabs and windows
  • Proxy support
  • Session support
  • Quick links
  • Favicon support
  • Per URL settings
  • Configurable search engines
  • Contextual cursors
  • Spell checking support
  • OpenURL/Rexx support
  • Printing support including PDF output
  • Eruda inspector
  • User agent spoofing
  • Page zooming


MorphOS 3.16 Wayfarer.png

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