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Iris is a modern IMAP based email client for MorphOS. It combines several contemporary technologies like WebKit, OAuth2, ObjectiveC++ and VMIME to form the most advanced native application for Amiga®-compatible operating systems.


  • Extensive IMAP support based on VMime, including local storage and folder management
  • Verified by Google to access Gmail accounts via OAuth2/Sign in with Google
  • OAuth2 authentication support for and Yahoo! Mail
  • Support for all common authentication and security methods
  • Support for custom / self-signed server certificates
  • Encryption of passwords and authentication keys via cryptostorage.library
  • Email account autoconfiguration
  • Multiple accounts
  • Can read archived folders and folders managed by other email applications
  • HTML email support within the application thanks to inclusion of WebKit
  • Rich text email editing, including a spell checker
  • Attachments including embedding images in emails
  • Full Unicode support, everywhere in the application
  • Massive multithreading for all of networking and I/O operations
  • Read-only offline mode
  • Support for OpenURL
  • PDF export of emails
  • Written in ObjectiveC++


MorphOS 3.16 Iris.png MorphOS 3.16 Iris Settings.png

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