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A feature-rich text editor and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with advanced functionality for programming projects.

  • Lexing for various programming languages
  • Integration into the MorphOS SDK
  • Autocompletion
  • API hints
  • Context sensitive programming documentation
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Links to definitions/declarations within the code
  • Work space management using a hierarchical tree view that can include one or several development projects (which can be linked).
  • Properties can be set for individual (e.g. source/header) files
  • Wizard for easy creation of development projects
  • Integrated support for C, C++ and Objective C.
  • Project settings can be controlled in an easy-to-use, yet very flexible GUI. Even very complex source projects can be fully managed from the GUI.
  • Automatic GNU Makefile creation and execution
  • Integrated source-level debugger. The debugger provides the possibility to set breakpoints (with or without conditions) and to monitor variables and expressions live.
  • Integrated command line panel. The powerful MorphOS shell can now be used directly from Flow Studio.
  • Integrated diff tool which produces coloured side-by side comparisons. It can be used either with a CVS repository or to compare two local files.
  • Editor theme support. Granular support of colours and styles is provided through the FlowStudio theme file type. For access to a wide range of ready-made themes, FlowStudio can also import Notepad++ themes.
  • Optional integrated GUI skins that can be used instead of MUI settings.
  • Backup functionality
  • CVS blames support



MorphOS 3.10 Flow Studio.gif