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Listed below are the utilities included in the SYS:Utilities drawer.

Each utility has its own page giving an overview of its purpose and basic usage. Click a program name for more information.

ShiftClick.png Commodities
Exchange, Mixer, NoCapsLock, and ShiftClick programs.
Ed.png Editor
A simple text editor.
Fragment.png Fragment
A memory monitoring utility.
Grabber.png Grabber
A screen grabbing utility.
GraphicBoards.png GraphicBoards
Shows detailed information about the installed graphics card.
MorphOS3 jPV Jukebox1.png Jukebox
A music player.
Keystroke.png Keystroke
Shows decimal and hex values of characters.
MiniCalc.png MiniCalc
A simple calculator program.
More.png More
A text viewer.
MUIProCalc.png MUIProCalc
A feature-rich scientific calculator.
Multiview.png Multiview
A multipurpose media viewer.
MysticView.png MysticView
An image viewer.
TaskManager.png TaskManager
A system monitoring and task management utility.
Tips.png Tips
Shows tips for using MorphOS.
Trancestats.png Trancestats
Shows Trance JIT (68k to PPC compiler) statistics.
Zoom.png Zoom
A simple screen magnifier.

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