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MorphOS community sites

The center around which everything turns is MorphZone. For german readers there is also the Pegasosforum. For french readers : WArMuP-Asso (Meta MorphOS).

News sites and Forums

Amiga-News; AmigaWorld;;; WArMuP Asso (Meta MorphOS); Obligement; Amiga Impact.

MorphOS development sites

MorphOS Development Team; Ambient Desktop.

Hardware related sites

bplan; Genesi; Big Book of Amiga Hardware.

Software related sites

Aminet; MorphZone; MorphOS Files;

Amiga history

Amiga history guide; The history of the Pegasos.

Manuals (PDF format)

The Pegasos Book and The Efika Book, both also available in translations.


MorphZone Quick Help.


DoctorMorbius_FP Homepage.