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Everyone is welcome to make additions and corrections here.

Basic Features

Modifying the System Directory

Tip #1: NEVER modify anything in the MOSSYS: (SYS:MorphOS/) path! All the changes are lost in the system upgrade. If you need to add any 3rd party drivers or libraries, add them to SYS:. If there isn't a correct directory by default, make one.
There's only one exception (of course there is one) to this: you can rename MOSSYS:Libs/rexxsyslib.library to MOSSYS:Libs/rexxsyslib.library_disabled when you copy 68k version of rexxsyslib.library to SYS:Libs/ in order to get the AREXX working.

Keyboard Commands

At first, check the default ones and define your favourites in System Settings -> IControl -> Hotkeys and in Ambient Settings -> Keyboard.
Other keys:
  • To zoom Ambient icons in icon mode: keep CTRL pressed and use the mouse wheel.
  • To find and select files in Ambient windows by letter: start typing the wanted name when the window is active. Keep shift-key pressed for directories.
  • To enter a path manually (for example for hidden dirs like .recycled): press the / key in an Ambient window and type in the path.
  • Command-f activates the find function in most programs.
  • The r-key rotates the pictures in Ambient's internal viewer and page up/down keys select previous and next images in a dir
  • Check the keyboard commands of the shell, like by default, commands can be completed with CTRL-tab, devices with ALT-tab, history with shift-tab etc.
  • Keeping the alt-key pressed while double clicking drawer gives you different ways to open drawers.

Enabling/Disabling Icon Tooltypes

Double click single tooltypes to enable and disable them in the icon information window.

Browsing History in Ambient

Clicking the parent button () on an Ambient window (in browser mode) with the right mouse button gives you a browsing history popup menu for quick jumping between locations.

Sync the Clock from Internet at Boot

Add this line to S:user-network-startup file:

Redirecting AHI Music Unit

You can select Unit 0 as the Music Unit in AHI to be able hear audio output from multiple programs at the same time, with a slight decrease in quality.