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Status - Displays a list of currently running CLI processes


PROCESS - Number of the process to spy                                         
FULL    - Gives full details about each process
TCB     - Gives full details but omit the current command
          for each process
CLI     - See TCB
COM     - Searches for the Command COM (see Below)

Status without any arguments lists the numbers of the current Shell processes and the program or command running in each. The PROCESS argument specifies a process number, limiting Status to giving information about that process only.

When the COM switch is used, Status scans the Shell list, looking for the specified command. If the command is found, the Shell's process number is output, and the condition flag is set to 0. Otherwise, the flag is set to 5 (WARN).


  MorphOS:> Status >RAM:Xyz COM=COPY
  MorphOS:> Break <RAM:Xyz >NIL: ?
=> sends a break to the process executing Copy.