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SmbFS - Mounts a samba share


Note: If the service-name can not be found it will usually help to add the name to hosts (Found in System preferences) - just add the service name and IP-adress.

A more detailed documentation can be found on the SYS:MorphOS/Locale/Help/english/SmbFS.txt file.


SmbFS WORKGROUP=example VOLUME=Net: USER=morphosuser PASSWORD=example SERVICE=//sambashare/mosfiles

Tips for quitting the command:

  • If you have used the default device name for a samba share, you can unmount the share with the Eject screenbar module.
  • If you've started the command as a background process, you can also unmount it by finding out the process number with the Status command and giving that number to the Break command.
  • If you want to do the previous operation automatically for example in a script, you can use the following command (including all the apostrophes and alikes): Break `Status COM "SmbFS '//sambashare/mosfiles'"`
  • Any program which can send a CTRL-C signal to the program can quit it, for example the TaskManager program.