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DIR - Lists file and directory names (w/o attributes)


DIR   - directory to list                                                   
OPT   - provided for compatibility: deprecated !
ALL   - displays all subdirectories and their files.
DIRS  - only displays directories
FILES - only displays files
INTER - enters an interactive listing mode (see below).

Interactive listing mode stops after each name to display a question mark at which you can enter commands. The acceptable responses are shown below:

[Return] - Displays the next name on the list.
[E]      - Enters a directory; the files in that directory are displayed.
[B]      - Goes back one directory level.
[DEL]    - Deletes a file or empty directory.
           DEL does not refer to the Del key; enter the letters D, E, and L.
[T]      - Types the contents of a file.
[C]      - Allows you to enter additional AmigaDOS commands.
[COMMAND]- Idem.
[Q]      - Quits interactive editing.
[?]      - Displays a list of the available interactive-mode commands.