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Break - Allows to send a signal (for eg. CTRL+C) to a process


PROCESS - number of the process to send a signal to                                  
PORT    - public port name of the process to send a signal to
ALL     - sends all signals to the process (see below)
C       - sends a CTRL+C
D       - sends a CTRL+D
E       - sends a CTRL+E
F       - sends a CTRL+F

Break sets the specified attention flags in the PROCESS indicated. Use the Status command to display the current process numbers. By default, only the Ctrl+C flag is set.

Break acts the same as selecting the relevant process by clicking in its window and pressing the appropriate Ctrl+key combinations.

Ctrl+C is the default for sending a Break signal to halt a process. A process that has been aborted this way displays ***Break in the Shell window. Ctrl+D halts execution of a script file. Ctrl+E closes a process' window. Ctrl+F activates the process' window.