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MorphOS Shell commands follows a syntax defined by a template. To display the template type a '?' after the command name.

For example:

 SYS:> AddDataTypes ?

Pressing [?] will display a description of all parameters, if available. Pressing [return] will then execute the command if no arguments are required. You may also enter the some arguments with their keyword and press [return]

The arguments are separated with a comma, followed by a '/' and a capital letter which represents the type of the argument:

/A: The argument is always required.
/K: The option's keyword is required if the argument is given.
/S: The option works as a switch.
    The name of the option must be entered to specify it.
    Most options are switches.
/N: The argument is numeric.
/M: Multiple items are accepted for this argument.
    Although there is no limit to the number of possible arguments,
    they must be provided before the next argument or option.
/F: The string must be the final argument on the command line;
    the remainder of the command line is taken as the desired string.