MorphOS integration

From MorphOS Library

MorphOS is perfectly suited for its current user community, i.e. a group of hardcore Amiga users. Such persons, in the fast rise of the Wintel era, faced the problem of integrating an OS that was no more upgraded. Indeed, in the 90s, after Commodore's demise, the owners of the brand froze the development of AmigaOS. This OS survived thanks to the impulse provided by many independent developers who slowly added almost any type of missing features. Most of this software is available at the huge repository of free and shareware Amiga software, Aminet, that currently contains almost 79,000 files. So the main rule of the thumb for Amiga users is: if something is missing, download it from Aminet. And, of course, this rule extends to all MorphOS newcomers. Since there is no e-mail program included in MorphOS, you can get from Aminet for example YAM (Yet Another Mailer). Like SimpleMail, YAM is one of the two most diffused mailers for the Amiga nowadays. You can download YAM or SimpleMail also from or their homepages. There are nightly builds created in native PowerPC code for MorphOS, too.

Furthermore MorphOS has just a very minimal documentation. But due to the API compatibility, the documentation of AmigaOS 3.1 covers 75% of all the possible issues. However, MorphOS is not a simple clone of AmigaOS: it already embodies a large number of enhancements, most of which are not immediately visible to the unaware user. Here the community has given again its help with the creation of The Pegasos Book, that collects in a single book a huge set of very useful and important information concerning hardware, software and configuration issues that it is important to know when someone uses the Pegasos/MorphOS pair.