How to Use Game Controllers

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About Game Controller Support

MorphOS offers two different interfaces for game controllers: newer sensors.library and older lowlevel.library for the legacy support. Programs supporting sensors.library are still quite rare, but it is planned that it will become the only API for the controllers, and lowlevel.library would only be a wrapper for it.

MorphOS supports standard HID compatible controllers, which don't require any extra commands to be used in the communication.

Using Multiple USB Game Controllers with lowlevel.library

If you connect several joysticks to a MorphOS machine, they all get assigned to the port 1 of lowlevel.library, and will control the same player in games. You need to change lowlevel.library emulation settings in the USB preferences in MorphOS to get the joysticks to different ports for multiplayer gaming. Unfortunately there isn't any single switch for it and you have to change the port setting in several different places.

Game Controllers Reported to Work

  • Speedlink Competition Pro USB
  • Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro Racing Wheel (needs some setup from the Poseidon prefs)

Game Controllers Which Don't Work

  • PS3 controllers