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=== Scanners ===
=== Scanners ===
* Epson Perfection 1640SU - <span style="color: green">Works in 3.11</span> Including recent support for its ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).
<table><tr><th>Model</th><th class="os">OS</th><th class="comments">Comments</th></tr>
<tr><td>Epson Perfection 1640SU</td><td>3.11</td><td>Including recent support for its ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).</td></tr>
=== USB Audio Devices ===
=== USB Audio Devices ===

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Official Information

An official list of supported hardware is available at the MorphOS homepage and a list of complete computer setups based on the official information is available here.

User Provided Reports

This is a list of hardware compatibility reported by users. It isn't, by any means, a complete list of hardware compatibility, but just individual findings by users that may contain user errors or obsolete information. Please report your findings in this thread at MorphZone, or request an account to the MorphOS Library so you can edit the list yourself.

Note: This list will only be as complete and comprehensive if you, a MorphOS user, report the hardware you have used in conjunction with MorphOS successfully, or unsuccessfully, for it to be included for others to gain the benefit from, and if necessary, possible and/or realistic, for further testing to be undertaken to establish if the hardware can be made functional for all users to enjoy with MorphOS.

This is as much your list, as it is also part of your Official MorphOS Library. Where possible the lists will be maintained in alphabetical order (A-Z), but if you find any errors please let us know so correction(s) can be made.


USB Game ControllerUSB driverOSComments
8-bitdo SFC30 Pro Controllerhid3.11
Logitech Rumble Pad wired (USB2)hid3.11
Saitek P380 Dual Analog wired (USB2)hid3.11
Sony Dualshock 3 (PS3)--not supported
Sony Dualshock 4 (PS4)xbox3603.10
Speedlink Competition Pro USBhid3.11
Speedlink Xeox Gamepadhid3.11
Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro Racing Wheelhid3.11needs some setup for the ranges from the Poseidon prefs
Xbox 360 wired and wireless padsxbox3603.11wireless supported via PC adapter
Xbox One gamepadxbox3603.11wired only


Apple A1016 Wireless BlueTooth3.10
Ducky Zero Keyboard DK2108SZ3.10
Logitech UltraX Premium3.10
Rapoo E6300 Ultra-Slim BT keyboard for iPad3.10

① requires a machine which supports paired BT input devices, like Mac mini


Logitech M1803.11
Logitech M1853.10
Logitech T-RB22 Wireless Trackball3.11
Labtec Optical Mouse 8003.10
MicroSoft Trackball Explorer v1.03.11PS2>USB adapter required
Targus AMU3102EU3.10


Please mention if the printer is tested with Printer preferences (TurboPrint) or Printers preferences (PPD based direct PostScript printing)

  • HP 2500 Color LaserJet - Works in 3.11 (HP_Color LaserJet PostScript capable series, and works in Printers with options of NETPAR:, USBPAR:. For the Printers system it requires the Windows NT (2002) PPD file - HP2500_6.PPD or any other compatible PPD file. Available via these links, either in: ENGLISH or DEUTSCH or ESPANIA or FRANCAIS or ITALIANO.
  • Lexmark E342n - Works in 3.10 (HP_LaserJet5series in Printer and Lexmark_E342n_en.PPD in Printers)
  • Xerox 3225 Workcentre - Works in 3.11 (Postscript)


Epson Perfection 1640SU3.11Including recent support for its ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).

USB Audio Devices

"3D Sound" USB sound card3.10OKNo
ANTTUS Gaming USB Bluetooth Adapter3.11OKUntested
Avantree Leaf BT 4.1 adapter3.11OKUntested
C-Media soundcard3.11OKUntesteddistorted output
Griffin iMic3.11OKUntesteddistorted output
Sound Blaster X-Fi3.11OKUntestedonly front Output tested
TerraTec 195448 Aureon Dual USB3.11OKUntested