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This page collects information about file systems working natively under MorphOS. In addition to these, Amiga 68k file systems can be used too (example).

Disk File Systems

Name Location Bootable Native File Properties Max File Name Length Max Partition Size Max File Size Notes
Smart File System (SFS) Built-in (boot.img) Yes Yes 107 128 GiB 2 GiB - 2 bytes The default file system
Professional File System III (PFS3) Built-in (boot.img) Yes Yes 107 104 GiB 2 GiB Legacy support for PFS2 and AFS1
Fast File System 2 (FFS) Built-in (boot.img) Yes Yes 107 2 TiB to 128 TiB 4 GiB - 2 bytes Legacy support for OFS and FFS
FAT File System (FAT) Built-in (boot.img) Yes No 255 UCS-2 2 TiB to 16 TiB 4 GiB
Mac File System (HFS) Built-in (L:) No No 31 2 TiB 2 GiB
Hierarchical File System (HFS+) Built-in (L:) No No 255 UTF-16 2 TiB* 2 TiB* Read-only
Second Extended File System (ext2, ext3, ext4) Built-in (L:) No No 255 2 TiB to 32 TiB 16 GiB to 2 TiB Limited read-only support for ext4
NT File System (NTFS) Built-in (L:) No No 255 16 EiB 16 EiB Read-only
SGI X File System (XFS) Built-in (L:) No No 255 bytes 9 EB 16 TB to 9 EB Read-only
Ice File System (IceFS) 3rd party (link) Yes/No Yes 107 (255) 9 EB 9 EB Bootable on Pegasos/Efika, but not on Macs
ExFAT File System (ExFAT) 3rd party (link) No No 255 UTF-16 128 PiB 128 PiB
NT File System 3G (NTFS-3G) 3rd party (link) No No 255 16 EiB 16 EiB Can't be placed on RDB

Network File Systems

Name Location Native File Properties Notes
SmbFS Built-in (C:) No For mounting Windows shares or Samba shares on other platforms
NetFS Revised 3rd party (link) Yes For mounting partitions between MorphOS and/or AmigaOS systems