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A few notes to all editors:

1. For the time being, the primary goal is to add more content so it would be much appreciated if you focused on either writing new articles or finding existing articles that should be imported into the MorphOS Library to make them accessible at a central repository.

No topics are off-limits as long as they are related to MorphOS.

2. The global layout of the Library should not be changed until further notice.

The "MorphOS -The Lightning OS" articles were deliberately kept in its own category for now. It may make sense to change this at some point in the future but this is not urgent.

3. Feel free to add the following information to the top of your articles (italics, please):

"Authors: Joe Editor, Peter Editor"

If an article is also available elsewhere and will remain to be so, feel free to add an additional line such as "Originally published at:" if you think that this is useful information.

4. If you are adding screenshots to articles and tutorials that are especially useful to new users, please try to always use the default MorphOS theme (boot from CD if required) unless you are specifically demonstrating the versatility of the MorphOS user interface.

The reason for this is to avoid confusion and make things as easy as possible. If every second screenshots looks entirely different, that is most likely not very helpful when somebody is trying to set up MorphOS for the first time. Visual consistency can be highly valuable in a scenario like this.